De zus van Kim (or Kim’s sister, in English) is Ingrid van der Meulen, a graphic designer from Amsterdam, working from Sydney. Being a graphic designer I love the conceptual side of design because I believe clear ideas and convincing stories are essential for making any design work. I love communication, not decoration. I love working together with likeminded people. I love content (and writing it myself, too). And obviously, I love making concepts into designs (just have a look in the ‘work’ section).

I’ve worked in design and advertising agencies in Amsterdam for the last six years. Other than that, I’m involved in social communication project Poster for Tomorrow. I’m the happy owner of a D&AD Yellow Pencil and three European Design Awards.

And Kim is my sister.


Photography & poetry

January 13, 2013

Happy newyear to all! December has been a busy month, finishing the new visual identity for photographer Lisa Kortenhorst and making 10 poetry books for Dutch newspaper Trouw (I didn’t write them, obviously. The books contain works of ten Dutch poets who do a lot better at writing poetry than me). I’ll show them here as soon as they’re back from the printer’s.

Preview: more fine wine

December 19, 2012

For Dutch newspaper Het Parool, Mara Vissers and I made a gift for new members – a little book about wine, placed in a wooden box, together with the coupons to get you some fancy, free wine. I’m sure it will work well wrapped up under the christmas tree!

Amsterdam’s nicest wines

November 26, 2012

Together with Mara Vissers I’ve made a little book about Amsterdam’s nicest wines (well, that is according to wine expert Harold Hamersma – I still need to try all of them myself). The book is available on saturday and comes as a gift with Het Parool (one of our Dutch national newspapers). Cheers!

Working from Sydney

November 14, 2012

I’ve always had a big crush on Australian graphic design and since I got the opportunity to work from there for a while (from Sydney, to be precise), I’m going to have a closer look at the work from down under.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for collaborations, work or questions of any kind.

Sydney +61 424 713 115
Amsterdam +31 613 452 401


2012 D&AD Awards

Yellow Pencil | Stamps

2012 European Design Awards

Gold | Misc. printed

2012 European Design Awards

Jury Prize | Special Prizes

2012 European Design Awards

Bronze | Artistic Catalogues


I have worked for:

Dutch Forestry Commission
City of Amsterdam
de Volkskrant
Het Parool
University of Utrecht
Poster for Tomorrow
Pecha Kucha
Nyenrode Business University
Dutch Post Office
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

My work was seen here:


‘Black and White are not Colours’, Ship of Fools, The Hague

(Online) press


Good people

Kim van der Meulen

Kim is a highly talented freelance journalist who writes interviews, short stories or background articles for a lot of people. She’s fast and unstoppable. And good.

Mara Vissers

Mara has a stunning portfolio full of conceptual designs. She’ll teach you about details. And she’s absolutely great to work with.

Mark Kuiper

I used to share a desk with Mark – good old days. He makes fancy stuff, he comes up with clever solutions and wears a lot of black.

Daan Olieroock

His official title would be designer, but he can build you a website too, make a film or basically just run the entire office.

Will is great

He’s from London, he’s completely ingeburgerd and he’ll write you a perfect text (funny on request).

Aimee Groen

Aimee’s work is full of colour, fun, crazy birds, strange people and bold graphics. And a lot of talent.

Rita Schro├źn

As a journalist, Rita usually writes for magazines, she’s smart and comes up with fresh ideas. Working with her makes any project nicer.

Sterre Jongerius

If you want to get something organized, Sterre would be the person to go to. She’s fashionable, knows what’s going on and always asks the right questions.


The guys at Vruchtvlees aren’t only incredibly talented, they’ve also got a nose for fine projects and are always enthusiastic.